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Juvenile wearing Pediwalker The Pedi-Walker™  

the Pedi-Walker™
the on/off pediatric walking cast

Product Description
The Pedi-Walker™ is useful for post-operative splinting and stable fractures of the ankle and foot. Its body is made from polyethylene, providing superior immobilization of the foot and ankle. Convenient straps allow adjustment for swelling or removal for skin care. The Pedi-Walker is inexpensive and ready-made in six sizes to fit children between 3 and 10 years of age. Specify left or right when ordering.

Model Foot Length*
PWB1 5.5"
PWB2 6.0"
PWB3 6.5"
PWB4 7.0"
PWB5 7.5"
PWB6 8.0"

*measure from heel to tip of great toe


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